Thursday, August 30, 2007

Tier III! Tier III! Tier III

Here is the much-anticipated options sheet for the 466 tier three requirement. Please try to contain your enthusiasm!

History 466
Options for Tier III requirement

As stated in the syllabus, a Tier III course requires you to complete a substantial research and writing assignment. You have three options from which to choose, as follows:

The original plan, in which you do 2-3 articles per week from current newspapers and journals on Russian-American relations, with the objective being to determine whether or not the US and Russia are in a renewed Cold War. You will read your 2-3 articles per week, write brief summaries of each and then write up your findings in a 3-5 page paper. You will submit the article summaries as well as the paper on the due date.

You can locate someone in the Tri-Cities area who spent a part of his or her life in the Cold War—for example, an individual who worked at Hanford in the early days—and do some oral history. You will agree upon a set of questions, conduct an interview, then transcribe it and write an essay summarizing the role this person played in the Cold War, whether globally or locally. I will want to see the questions, the transcript of the interview and your essay. Anyone pursuing this option might want to get some help and/or advice from Dr. Bauman, who does a lot of oral/public history.

You can design a museum exhibit showcasing some important individual or event in the
Cold War.

In this case, you should decide upon something that interests you and that you would like to show, or explain to the world at large. The second step is to compile a bibliography of both online and offline sources, 8-10 books minimum, and read them. Then you will write an introduction to your exhibit, setting forth the basic details(remember, the public doesn’t know much history!) as well as explaining where this person/place or thing fits into the general history of the Cold War(3-5 pages). The final step for this option is to submit a description(for the artistically challenged), a design or a mock-up of the exhibit. At the end, you will submit your biography, your exhibit “introduction,” and your description and/or design.

The due date is TBA on these, most likely the week before dead week, in late November/early December.


Anonymous said...

I'm not in any of these classes, but I find this assignment really exciting!

moville said...

Well, hey, you've got some experience with one of the options in particular, so you'd be welcome to do a freelance submission. i would wager that others could benefit from your methodology...

Anonymous said...

;). I'm eager to see what comes from the class. We can always learn from others.

german said...

oh yes indeed that is so true

Russian_Bond_Chick said...

When is the actual due date for the Tier 3 project?