Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Reminders about next week and the finals

For History 466 and 462, here's another reminder about What is Going On this week and next, while I am in the Twilight Zone:

On Thursday, November 29, there WILL be class in Cold War. You'll be discussing the Berlin Wall, the worst public relations disaster in the history of the Communist empire and a huge blunder on Khrushchev's part.

There will be NO class in Russian history because we have gone as far as we can go there.

There will be NO classes during Dead Week, i.e. December 3-7. You can get in touch, though, either through the comments section below, or at my tricity or yahoo addresses. They've got plenty of internet access there, and that is providing a lot of jobs for professional email snoops in the security services, who are tasked with looking for subversive messages coming from the Evil Empire, er, the US of A.

Then, on December 11, 7:15 pm, 462 will gather for that non-standard final that you can't study for(you just can't), and afterward some goodies and maybe some pictures from the Motherland. ALL THE AUDITORS are required to attend, too, because this isn't your garden-variety final. It has something wonderful for everybody(really!). I'll collect your second midterm papers at that time.

On December l3, we will have the 466 final, also followed by pictures and goodies for anyone who still has the strength to enjoy them. Unfortunately, this is a strictly unimaginative final. Everyone who did not give me a project yesterday should plan on handing them in at that time.

If you find yourself without a copy of the questions, they are on this blog for both classes. Just scroll down to "older posts" and look for them.

See you soon. Remember, it isn't Christmas until finals are over!

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