Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Geographymania lives...here is the short-answer portion of the GEO midterm for 450. Even if you won't be doing these for credit, test yourself...no cheating, now!

History 450…in addition to identifying countries and caps and a few other features, you will be asked SOME of the following short-answer questions on the upcoming GEO midterm…as usual, prepare ALL of them unless you are a betting man/woman.

What European regional capital is known as “Titanic town?”

Match the European country with its homegrown alcoholic beverage: Calvados, ouzo, shlivovitz, palinka, Bushmills, Pilsner, Dom Perignon

What central. European country is home to the Lippizaner stud farm?

Where is Dracula's castle? Name the country AND region

What French city was seat of the Papacy for a time a few centuries ago?

Which central European country is famous for gulyas and paprika?

What east European city is the location of the Lenin ship
Yard, famous for its role in the l980s? What country was it in before l945?

What defines the states we know as the “Baltics” and the “Balkans”? Name two Baltic and Balkan states.

What country’s capital has been the head of two major religious empires?

Where is the home base of the Ibizian hound, one of the biggest, skinniest dogs you will find? How about the celebrated hunting dog known as the “Kurzhaar?”

What accounts for both French and German being heard on the streets of the eastern French city of Strasbourg?

What city is considered the birthplace of the Beatles?

Identify the countries to which these Olympic cities belong: Turin , Lillehammer, Athens, Grenoble, Sarajevo, Munich, Barcelona, St. Moritz

Which city is lucky enough to have Schipol as its airport, one of the most user-friendly in the world?

For which southeast European country is the region of Kosovo the cradle of civilization?

Cartographic confusion: What are these cities called today, and where are they? Koloszvar, Caporetto, Breslau, Take one of them and explain how its name got changed.

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