Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Titanic Anniversary

Today is the 96th anniversary of the loss of the Titanic. BBC.com has a phenominal history website and of course there is one on the Titanic. Check it out here.


moville said...

Yes, and there's some evidence now apparently that it was done in by shoddy worksmanship, that it was a "rush job" where rivets were incorrectly inserted, etc. what a comedown...i'd much rather have gone on believing in that evil iceburg. now we have garden-variety greed and skimping responsible for this disaster.

i'll say it again, what a comedown.

german said...

yeah i agree, its even worse that ceo of the white star line lived and may have had some responsibility for it as well. speed in crossing would have generated lots of money. what was worse was the whitewash between the u.s. and british inquests into the matter.