Sunday, February 3, 2008

425 midterm

As promised, the midterm for City in History, the "New York" exam...

History 425—Spring ’08, the New York exam
Midterm exam –for Friday, February 22, 2008

This might seem to be an ambitious set of questions—you’re not wrong—and that is why I scheduled the exam for a Friday. I will be in the room before l2 for all those who would like to get an early start and will plan to stay until l:15 for anyone who wants some extra time.

Directions Part I(50%): Answer the question, taking care to use specific details from the readings, lectures, videos and any independent readings or investigations you have done:

This question will be based on the text City in the Sky. It will be general, not excessively concerned with details, but will test your understanding of the fundamental facts behind the campaign for and construction of the World Trade Center.

Directions Part II(30%). Answer the agreed-upon question—you won’t know which one until test day—again, using some or all of the materials to which you have had access:

1. It is often said that geography is destiny. Write an essay in which you explain(at least in part)how geography helped shape New York’s destiny from its origins to the present. Be sure to back up the points you made with specific names, dates, facts, etc.

2. The Triangle shirtwaist factory disaster was a dark chapter in New York history, the
darkest in New York history prior to the attacks of September ll, 2001. Outline the
circumstances in which the employees worked, explain how and why they died and conclude by indicating what changes it brought to the life of the city.

Directions part III(20%): Identify, describe and GIVE THE SIGNIFICANCE of the following. You will be asked to do TWO among these on test day(which two, you don't know): “Clinton’s Big Ditch,” Shearith Israel, St. Patrick’s cathedrals(old and new), 1624, John Jacob Astor, Peter Stuyvesant, Emma Lazarus/The New Colossus, Alexander Hamilton, Grand Central Station.

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