Sunday, February 3, 2008

Grand Central on PBS

Make sure you watch, or tape, tomorrow night's American Experience on your local PBS station(out here, AE usually airs at 9 pm). It's all about the most splendid public building in the world, Grand Central Station in New York City. Built at the turn of the last century, it is going strong a century later, as a subway and train station, mini-shopping mall, luscious food hall host, restaurant venue and peoplewatching mecca. If you park yourself for awhile in the Oyster Bar downstairs from the main terminal, and order a martini at the bar, you can find yourself transported back to prewar New York, when People in the Know drank nothing BUT martinis. I dislike them intensely, in fact they trip my gag reflex every time, but I've choked a couple down in my time, in order to drink in something of retro New York.

On a related note: New. York. Won. The. Superbowl.

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