Friday, April 20, 2007

Hangin' with the Hungarians

Tonight the conference reconvened at the Hungarian Consulate on E. 53rd street. The consul-general received every conference attendee graciously, talked to us at some length about his duties and assessed the state of Hungarian-American relations, which he pronounced excellent. I did note that when he introduced a prominent visiting member of the Magyar Democratic Union, he noted that she had been talking to both Republicans and Democrats in the Congress...these people know it pays to cultivate good relations with the opposition as well as the party in power. Afterwards, a fine time was had by all--everyone schmoozed over Hungarian mushrooms, cold cuts, fruit, dessert and Hungarian wine of all kinds. These gatherings always go better with Hungarian wine.

Afterward we viewed a strange documentary film about the Austrian woman who won Miss Universe in l929. Her best friend was a Hungarian, and the film followed both their lives into the tragedy of World War II, from which they did not emerge unscathed. Earlier, we were at the conference site, St. John's University, Manhattan, which is a block from the World Trade Center site. I couldn't help thinking what a drop in the bucket, relatively speaking, September 11 was. Europe had two world wars and millions and millions of dead...we had the one day in September, 3000 killed. It kind of put it all in perspective, which is why you go to these kinds of events.

Now, a total non-sequitir: Borders New York permits non-service dogs in their stores...i came across three today in the downtown Borders. One woman was talking to her Yorkie as if he were her small child(!)...

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jodmeister said...

Sounds like y'all are having a great time. Are you bringing home any of that Hungarian wine?

Too funny about the canine-friendly Borders. Are you saying you wouldn't want to take your pooch there? Maybe he would prefer this (you'll have to cut and paste):