Thursday, April 19, 2007

What a week

And not in a good way. Today is the 11th anniversary of the Murrow Federal Building in Oklahoma City and tomorrow is the 8th anniversary of Columbine. With the horrific tragedy at Virginia Tech, this is not the greatest week in American history.

On the world front, according to the BBC,the British Army was cleared of the Bloody Sunday massacre in Londonderry, Northern Ireland on January 30, 1972. The day started as a peaceful civil rights protest by Londonderry Catholics and ended with 13 people dead, 17 injured and over 60 people arrested.

Ironically, April 20, 1974 claimed the 1,000 victim of "The Troubles." Again, according to the BBC, James Murphy, a gas station owner, was killed and dumped at the side of the road. Hmmmmm, this isn't a good week for Northern Ireland's history either.

My thoughts go out to those who are dealing with their losses at VT and those who are remembering loved ones claimed in Oklahoma City and Littleton.


buckarooskidoo said...

What is it about April? Is it really the cruelest month?

Ron West said...

So sad. Not mention how many have died in Iraq - both Iraqis and US soldiers - this April, the April before, the April before that, and in 2003.