Monday, April 9, 2007

Today's quiz

Time for the quiz, one of the occasional features here at the Blogside Inn:

1. What is Globish?

2. What is the dominant language of Asia?

3. What is the common language of Jihadis worldwide?

The answers are sure to surprise you--you can find them here. Afterwards, a silent prayer of thanks for your birthplace and linguistic environment will be in order. You lucky pup!


mishdiaz said...

Wow! I am surprised by the language of jihadis especially... naive me, I thought it would be Farsi! I think we would call that "pidgeonholing??" Very interesting article!!

moville said...

yes, i thought that was great, all those terrorists who speak farsi, arabic, pashtun...all of them can use the language of the enemy to communicate across the continents. just amazing!