Saturday, May 5, 2007

The past--prologue, maybe, but maybe not even past

Marjorie Ajemian Ahnert is a first-time author whose memoir of her mother, "A Knock at the Door," has been published to critical acclaim. She happily accepted an invitation to do a reading at a New York City Barnes and Noble, where authors generally get literate and appreciative audiences. Chances are excellent that whatever time of day you go in a B and N in New York, someone will be reading from his or her new book and taking questions. In any event, Ahnert had just begun her reading when HECKLERS rudely interrupted her and began shouting that there was no genocide, this was all lies--and they even had leaflets. It seems they believed she was insulting Turkishness, and they were not going to let her continue. Here is the full story, but the old rule is operative here: the past ain't past, for Armenians, Turks or Americanized versions thereof.

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