Friday, May 4, 2007

Vacation, all I ever wanted(?!)

Now that finals are over, it's time to contemplate that long-delayed hiatus from school, work and annoying family members. Oh, sorry, scratch that last item: the London Times suggests that the best thing you can do with dysfunctional or feuding families is take EVERYBODY on a BOATING vacation--you know, the kind where you can't get away from them. You can review the case for this somewhat unlikely option here


jodmeister said...

Oh no, the title has me humming the song "Vacation" and visions of The Go Gos dressed in ballerina costumes, complete with tiaras doing synchronized water skiing.

Gotta love 80s pop culture!

german said...

thats true i remeber that album cover. that was cool and the other album cover they had to sitting in the bath tub with the bubbles. what ever happened to good cover art