Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Serious cognitive dissonance

We've all heard from time to time about radical Islam's ambiguous relationship with the west and its technology and culture. The BBC has unearthed a treasure of an example of this, on an Al-Aqsa children's program. Who knew that Mickey Mouse could be convinced to help Palestinian children resist "Zionist occupation?" I guess it wasn't enough to get the kids to brush their teeth or eat their veggies.

The only incident richer than this one recently involved the use of English and the Internet, both part and parcel of American life, by jihadis to communicate across countries and languages. English--the common language of jihad!


SS97 said...

Oh, the irony. They're using our technology to conquer us and reinstate primitivism

german said...

wonder if they ever have seen a mad max movie? no matter hat they do they still lose