Saturday, June 30, 2007

Bored with TV? Go get this film!

If you've come to believe in the maxim that TV is a giant wasteland, especially in summer, I've got a film recommendation for you: Joyeux Noel, directed by Christian Carlon(2006). It sounds a little bit out of season, but it really isn't: it's about the Christmas truce of l9l4 on the western front, when Germans, French and British soldiers spontaneously stood down for a Christmas hiatus. They clambered out of their trenches, sang Christmas carols, exchanged gifts, shook hands in No Man's Land. Paul Fussell once said that this was the last time in the 20th century, and maybe ever, that you could feel that human beings were basically nice, decent creatures.

This version is fictionalized, and is a bit much in some places, but I ended up enjoying it--it's another great film about World War I. You can get a brief synopsis here.

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mishdiaz said...

I watched that a month or so ago. An absolutely Wonderful film! I really enjoyed it! It truely gives off that wonderful, horrible feeling that must have been in that time. Even though I knew what would happen I was apprehensive... and the end, well... yes, it was a bit much in some places... but I ended up forgetting about that until just now.