Friday, June 1, 2007

Travel 101

Wondering what it takes to really get to know a city like Ljubljana, or for that matter any city that's not your own? Maybe a tour, a gaggle of fellow tourists on a bus and a guide directing your gaze through a microphone? Not on your life! What you really need is a pair of good walking shoes, some sharp eyes and clean ears and a left or right turn out your hotel door. More details here.


german said...

so how does it work for those with the higher and highest echelon of acedemia. i mean do you have a platinum,( i'm a dr. of.....) card you flash and you get to see the good stuff behind close doors and the stuff not readily availible to just regular joe guy? just urious what perks and how you use them in acedemia to see the best the world has to offer.

moville said...

unfortunately, there is no universal certification of competence and/or "i am not just a dumb tourist" status. usually, if you want to look at archives or any materials unavailable to the general public, you have to have a letter from someone--departmant chair, professor, whatever--stating that you are a serious person and would benefit from access to x, y and z materials in this archive or museum. so the key is to plan ahead, maybe contact the museum via email with your request. i did that last year before visiting the ypres city archive and it worked fine.
in the case of the russians, you can expect a little bit of grilling, too, to test your knowledge...they don't believe other peoples know much about Russia. you're ignorant until proven well-informed, in other words. in their defense, their suspicions often turn out to be well-founded.