Sunday, June 10, 2007

Knowing your enemy

There's an interesting article in the International Herald Tribune today by two correspondents who were uncertain about just what Islamic jihadists believe, or if you will, what their rule book says. They decided on the direct approach: they arranged to meet some jihadists and ask them personally. As they were citizens of nations affiliated with the Great Satan, they proceeded at great personal risk, but it turns out that the jihadis were interested in setting forth their views.

Among the highlights? It is technically forbidden in the Koran to kill innocents, but you can do so with confidence in a jihadi operation because God will sort out the wicked from the righteous and only the wicked will be killed.

Similarly, the Koran says children are innocent and should not be harmed, but the jihadis maintain that children receive special dispensation from God and will immediately be advanced upon entry into Paradise to the age of 20, where they may enjoy the 72 or so virgins to which they would be entitled at that age. No word on what happens to female children.

This is one of the difficulties with Christianity, each denomination typically has a leader that formulates policy and sets standards for clergy. For example, Catholics look to the Pope for leadership, and what he says is official church policy, period. Not so in Islam, where it seems that anyone who wishes to call himself an Imam can. Thus there are lots of official prohibitions in the Koran, yet anyone can interpret it according to their own objectives. Some pretty creative doctrine twisting any case, you can read all about jihadi etiquette here.

These views will be repugnant, but it's always wise to know your enemy.


LaPopessa said...

This made the WaPo as well. It is most definitely interesting reading and a good reminder that our administration doesn't have a lock on denial and flimsy rationalization.

german said...

not wanting to dwell on the crude but if you are a virgin what would you do with 72 more.i think something is lost intranslation or understanding anyways.

mishdiaz said...

A terrible truth in that article...I think that nothing is going to change unless moderate Muslims step up and speak out against the radicals. We are seeing a few more...maybe the beginning of a movement? We can hope...