Monday, June 18, 2007

Movie Recommendation

I went to Portland yesterday with a friend of mine for a day of shopping. He had read a movie review in the NY Times about a movie called The Wind that Shakes the Barley. This takes place in Ireland in 1917. It's about two brothers, one who is a guerilla (Teddy) and the other who is about to go to medical school (Damien). Damien does join his brother's cause against the Black and Tan army until truce is signed. Damien continues to fight for a whole Ireland while Teddy joins the army hoping to placiate the British until Ireland can be whole again. Obviously because of the subject matter you know there is not going to be a happy ending. This is a great movie and I highly recommend it when it comes out on DVD or if you are planning to travel to Portland anytime soon, it's playing at the Hollywood Theater located on the corner of 41st and Sandy Blvd. In fact, I think Mo could use this movie the next time she teaches about the Troubles. Oh yeah, we started the day at an Irish Pub, Kells, with Corned Beef hash and Irish Soda Bread toast. Yum. They had more corned beef than hash. It was a great way to start the day.

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moville said...

Absolutely right...all the critics agree with your assessment. it'll never get here, of course, to the theater, so we will have to wait for the dvd, but the wait will be worth it.

soda bread toast was the perfect accompaniment...if we didn't have ireland, we would have to invent it just because of that and salmon from lough foyle.