Saturday, January 20, 2007

Blood and Iron, 2007

In its Sunday online edition, The London Times has just deemed history-making Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton a Margaret Thatcher clone. Now you have an Iron Lady-in-Waiting on the campaign trail, headed for the White House.

As for the blood, well, it seems that Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., is waiting in the wings to capture Mrs. Clinton's Senate seat, should she be successful. He might make dynastic history in his own right, since that is the seat his father occupied in the mid-l960s, and no one in the Kennedy family has ever run for and won his or her father's position in the Congress.

There is no American Bismarck, but there is plenty of blood and iron in this Presidential contest thus far.

You can access both stories at,,2089-2558085,00.html. I apologize for making you cut and paste, but I use Safari browser and there are no help icons, nor Explorer window for these posts, just a bunch of HTML code that Blogger continually tells me is not closed...o trials of Macintosh!

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