Thursday, January 18, 2007

Furrin' news and culture

A couple great sites that should be on your list: The Moscow Times, This is the main English-language newspaper of Moscow, the Russian capital. It has excellent hard news and commentary, plus great coverage of the arts, the one facet of life in Putin's Russia that really shines brightly, and historical travel. Laika recommended the article on Borovsk earlier today. One caveat on the MOW Times: there is no registration requirement, but if you see an article you would like to keep, you should print it then, because after about 24 hours, most items disappear into the subscribers' archive and you will have either to subscribe or pay for them. They are sneaky that way...

The second is Irish Radio and TV, There you can find news of Ireland, travel information and a link to their transcendently wonderful Lyric fm, a classical music station that is diligent about interacting with listeners from all over the globe. They have many request hours, often themed, e.g. your favorite Baroque, and you can email your requests. It's not unusual for the deejay to announce, for example, that Christian from Copenhagen loves Vivaldi, and we are going to play "Winter" from the "Four seasons" for him. You actually feel more civilized when Lyric FM is your background noise.

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