Friday, January 19, 2007

Russia's General Winter?

I've read on several news websites that Europe, especially Russia, is experiencing one of the warmest, snow-free years on record. This led me to wonder what if General Winter had not appeared in June 1812 and June 1942 when Napoleon and Hitler respectively invaded Russia. How different would the maps of Europe and perhaps the world look today? Would Russia had still prevailed in both battles?


moville said...

I think General Winter was a key and timely figure in many critical situations, but take care not to bring him into the picture if you are talking to Russians. They much prefer to attribute their victories to wily, resourceful strategists like Zhukov.

I doubt that Russia could ever be completely conquered. The emperor, or President, could fall back, back, back to Siberia and bide his time there, or draw the enemy further and further in...while dispatching partisans to attack his dwindling supply

I would always advise against trying. Russia is a graveyard for mischiefmakers and conquerors.

german said...

i doubt germany could have done it without winter. the supply lines were too long and the staff and hitler could not have agreed upon a game plan for taking down the big three stalingrad, moscow and leningrad. rommel in that theatre with no winter now thats an interesting thought