Saturday, January 27, 2007


Watch for another edition of the American Experience this week on the Berlin airlift. One of the show's interviewees is pilot Gail Halvorsen, who became the "chocolate uncle" to the city's children for his targeted drops of candy. That's a great story within a greater story, a test of wills against the Soviet Union in which the US keeps the city of Berlin in food and supplies, while Stalin tries to starve the city into submission. We really ARE the good guys, plain, simple and unadulterated, in this one. In this area, it airs at 9 pm Monday.

PBS will also be doing a multi-part look at the Supreme Court, entitled "One Nation Under Law." The Supremes have been going public in a big way...Chief Justice John Roberts sat down for an interview with the New Yorker magazine's Jeffrey Rosen recently. I don't think his predecessor did that very often, or at all.

As always, Charlie Rose has the best guests of any talk show, if you can stay up past ll pm!

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