Saturday, January 20, 2007

This week in HCTV

A heads-up on History and Culture TV offerings for the coming week:

PBS's "American Experience" returns with a look at the United States' first power couple, John and Abigail Adams. In this area, it airs Monday at 9; check your local listings. It's very topical, coming as it does after Mrs. Clinton's decision to enter the Presidential race. One of the more interesting questions there is what happens to Mr. Clinton? Do we still get two for the price of one, or is he going to be confined to a third-floor room in the White House for the duration?

Again on PBS, Great Performances is doing Mozart's "The Magic Flute." Opera isn't the same on TV as in person, obviously, but if you can't nip away to Gotham to catch the Met at midweek(if only!), this is an acceptable substitute. You can go on celebrating Mozart even after his big anniversary year, and you will get some good commentary from Beverly Sills, who usually introduces the GP series.

Am I missing anything?


jodmeister said...

And what will be the title of the husband of a female president? First Man sounds so lame. First Dude?

Sadly I do not have network television so I don't get to see the great PBS specials. It's a shame because I thought I saw that Ken Burns has a 10-part series on WWII coming out soon. I'll have to wait until it is out on DVD.

moville said...

I dunno, maybe President-consort, as the spouse of the king or queen is known in England? or maybe the Duke of DC? Prince of Penn Ave?