Thursday, January 18, 2007

Today's Travel Destination: Borovsk

For your journey away from home today, try Borovsk, a little town southwest of Moscow with historical associations connected to every square inch. Go to and click on "Where Tradition Meets Futurism." There is a lovely Old Believer church, dedicated in 1912 to commemorate the original Patriotic War; there is a house with a plaque proclaiming "Napoleon Slept Here"; there are Lenin statues; and there is the Pafnut'ev Monastery, now open for tours, where women can even borrow wrap-around skirts and headscarves at the gates. And there is the pit where Lady Morozova spent her exile. Have fun!

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moville said...

Well, there's certainly something for everyone in Borovsk, isn't there? I didn't know the Morozova pit was there...I thought they dragged her out to Siberia somewhere. And I always treasure the chance to inspect the local Lenin statue...

And how thoughtful of them to make available the appropriate clothing...for those who don't know, the Russian Orthodox church world is divided between those parishes which insist on adhering to a strict dress code and those more tolerant about it.. Usually, if you're a female and you don't have a skirt and head cover, you are out of luck at the stricter places.