Friday, January 26, 2007

The Independent Nation of Kosovo

I also saw today that the UN is working on a plan to make Kosovo an independent nation. Of course the 114,000 Serbs living in Kosovo are fighting independence and just like pre-WWI, Russia is supporting Serbia.

Interesting article.

OK, I'm about to murder my computer. The link won't work so here is the address to the article:

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moville said...

Right you are. There's still mixed population there, and the people who've left for resettlement in Serbia are generally despised as poor relations and/or more mouths to feed. There was a pathetic article in one of the French papers awhile back on these "orphans of Greater Serbia." This is the legacy of Slobodan Milosevic in the former Yugo, the Man who would Deliver finally on Greater Serbia. Instead, he made Serbia a pariah, got it bombed, bankrupted it. Then he checked out on us before getting his punishment...and speaking of Russia, I think his wife and son live in Moscow. Who else would welcome them?! Some things just never change, even with unimpeachable evidence of ethnic cleansing and war crimes.