Friday, February 9, 2007

Article about Vietnam

Here is an article in the Seattle PI about the U.S. pledging $400K more to help clean Agent Orange from Vietnam. Please cut and paste as I still can't figure how the link option works.


german said...

i don't know how to do the cut and paste thing yet but i will make a comment on the topic. it sounds like the start of a glorious long lasting bowl of pork that will never end. growing up on a farm i know some ground sterilants and they work great, in some places it still hasn't grown and that was applied 20 years ago concerning agent orange the only way i see that getting fixed is digging and bringing in new soil kinda like the never ending hanford project at what ever amount of dollars to clean up that place. i think we could spend that money better elsewhere

moville said...

I defer to you, German, on that, because I have no experience in farming. i keep thinking, though, of the guys Michael Herr met near Hue in l968. They wore shoulder patches inscribed, "Only We Can Prevent Forests.."

german said...

yes i see your point about the guys at hue. i do wonder how long it would take nature to correct it on its own