Monday, February 19, 2007

He's baaaaack...

Franz Ferdinand--the murdered heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne, not the rock group--has made a rare appearance in the news of the 21st century. His wife's family lost their home under a post-Great War law mandating the seizure of all Habsburg properties. Now Sophie's descendants are crying foul--the morganatic marriage to Franz Ferdinand wrote them OUT of the royal register and they never were really Habsburgs after they should get their confiscated castle back, right?

You can read the whole cultural/legal/political real estate saga here.

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german said...

actually i think the hollenzorns or the romanovs have a stronger claim since they since they were royalty that was forced out while still empireal in standing. especially since there possibly is a long hidden note from hitler to the former kaiser giving him the property or nikky signed over all future properties to comrade stalin who was the father of the revolution since lenin was just hanging around.