Saturday, February 17, 2007

Revisiting "Ronnie" in the Review

My grandmother dearly loved Ronald Reagan. She was fond of him even as governor of California, decades before his successful run for the Presidency. "That's my Ronnie," she would exclaim when she saw him on TV.

If you love Ronald Reagan, and even if you don't, you owe it to yourself to read the New York Review of Books rundown on a spate of recent books about the 40th President of the US. There is a lot of writing to comment on there, much of it positive and fresh. President Reagan's rating, while always better than average, has risen in recent years; the author of one of the books reviewed ranks him right up there with the "two or three greatest Presidents" in US history.

Everyone interested in history should bookmark the Review's site after going there for the Reagan article and visit every couple of weeks. What it does bi-weekly is bring together the best books by theme and commissions an expert to review/comment on them. It is a unique way to keep current on all books of compelling national interest, and it will teach you a lot--painlessly-- about the subjects under review, e.g. Ronald Reagan or the history of the Kurds.


german said...

thanks for the link i signed up not sure how i will use it yet but i am sure it will be a valuable tool

moville said...

you can just visit and have a look every couple of weeks--you're sure to find something interesting there. They have occasional polemical articles, too, one expert debating another in print, for example about the advisability of imprisoning people who deny the Holocaust.