Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Now for something really different

This is a total non-sequitir, in view of the ongoing conversation about the John Burns/Iraq comments, but I couldn't help passing along the chance to get a unique piece of gadgetry.

CLOCKY is a roly-poly little alarm that not only rouses you from sleep, but FORCES YOU TO GET UP and give chase once it starts working. it rolls off your nightstand and runs away--it can absorb numerous two-foot falls and keeps right on annoying you when it won't beep rhythmically.

i don't need this because I've got a canine alarm clock, but if CLOCKY is for you, you can get it here

And when you get it, please bring for show and tell!


jodmeister said...

Nice concept. My cats would really like it, too! I should get it for my son. Waking him is like waking the dead!!

jodmeister said...

He He He, showed this to my son. He said I was mean to even consider this. My work here is done! :-)

SS97 said...

I think I might buy it just to annoy my roommate with.