Friday, February 23, 2007

Site o' the night

One of the regular Blogside publicans recommends that we all visit historynet. A great idea...they have an incredible array of features and articles culled from at least half a dozen history magazines. He gave me a couple of URLs, but they will not copy from yahoo mail, so you should just go there for some personal exploration.

I see that one of tonight's features is a profile of Colonel John Paul Vann, the subject of the brilliant Neil Sheehan book, "A Bright Shining Lie." Vann went to Vietnam just before John F. Kennedy took office, very excited about the prospect of training a native south Vietnamese army to fight effectively against Ho Chi Minh. It didn't take long for him to become disillusioned, then alarmed...he tried to tell anyone who would listen in Washington that the Diem regime was rotten to the core, that the army would never function effectively, and that the US should immediately re-assess its position on supporting the south Vietnamese army. No one listened to him, and he was haunted by his Vietnam experience the rest of his life.

There seems to be something for everyone there...go to it.

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