Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Southeast Asia rising

There's great news in culture and travel today...the city of Phnom Penh, Cambodia(or "Cambodja," as President Kennedy used to say)is open for business and has become all the rage for those seeking the Next Hot Place in Asia. They've even begun to refer to it as the Prague of southeast Asia, and we all know how popular Prague has become in recent years.

It's hard to get there during school, but you can assess Phnom Penh's recovery after years of dictatorship, war and genocide here and jump on the new Cambodia bandwagon.


german said...

i'll pass on going there i think i might be alittle too tall for there. i would much rather traverse central or eastern europe. lots of good ruins you can find and learn from again and again and again

moville said...

agreed, i would opt for Europe every time, but I am trying hard to devote time and love to the rest of the world...the one thing I would volunteer to see in Cambodia is Angor Wat, the compound of the ancient Cambodian kings and a world heritage site. I am going to get friends from here to come show slides of it...very impressive.

german said...

thinking a little more braodly i wonder where india would classify? i think there would lots to see there especially along the coast line with all the major towns from the british imperialsim days. the taj mahal would be the place to finish. but is india south east asia or just asia or what since russia is its own entity as well as turkey

moville said...

they call it the south asian subcontinent, south asia broadly including india, pakistan and sometimes afganistan.

no one knows what to call Russia, but I do--it's the Twilight Zone. You enter there at your peril because bizarre things will begin to happen. Turkey is the bridge between Europe and the near-middle East, hoping to tilt more towards Europe with EU membership.

jodmeister said...

Can't say I have a desire to go to Cambodia. I might could handle a luxary resort in Vietnam, Thailand or Bali if I was laying in a hammock strung b/t two trees while tropical drinks were delivered to me. I could probably have the same ambiance (sp?) in Mexico for way cheaper than that. Or cheaper yet, put a lounge chair in my back yard and buy plastic palm trees from Bed, Bath and Beyond.

I think I'll stick around the US/Canada for a while and then work my way to Europe.

moville said...

now there are some creative variations on armchair tourism!